SqualoNet Red Wine Test

We wanted to show our growing group of loyal Veri Shade supporters just how durable and high quality the fabric of our SqualoNet actually is.

Sourcing three bottles of  gorgeous red wine from the guys @TheWineGallery we decided to soak an Ivory plain Veri Shade in copious amounts of Red Wine.



(If you are fond of drinking every drop….we advise you not to watch the video below!)

We tossed it on the SqualoNet as hard and fast from every angle we could. It got drenched.


To be fair to our audience we wanted to let it dry for 45 minutes, just allowing the Red Wine to dry into the fabric making it even more difficult to get out.

Using a little more than we probably should we sprayed each 100% Polyester fold with Vanish Napi San and then placed them all into the same bucket….just for good measure adding a little more Vanish !

We left the Red Wine soaked SqualoNet in the bucket for 20 Minutes and the results were astonishing.

To see the final result watch the video below or check out our Facebook and Instagram pages!

WOW!  SqualoNet are now available Australia wide. Enquire now for your nearest stockist!