Bridge to 2030 by the SqualoNet team

Bridge to 2030

Thursday 18th May 2017 the SqualoNet team climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in an effort to raise much needed funding for breast Cancer research.

Collectively throughout the day NBCFA raised over $160,000 for vital research that is needed to reach the companies goal of 0 deaths by 2030.

The SqualoNet team raised over $10,000 for the cause, with each of the team members raising at least $800 each!

It was an early morning start and as we headed into the city to find our meeting point and take some group shots before we headed up the iconic bridge.

I took the opportunity to ask Alexandra one of the Veri Shade team members how she was feeling pre-climb “I am actually scared of heights, so I am a bit nervous….The other guys in our team have been really nice to me, but I am still getting a bit freaked out. I just want it to be over with”

Alexandra felt that by facing her fears it would be rewarding at the end “ It is for a great cause , so I just need to suck it up and enjoy the experience” she said.

The climb lasted for an hour and we were back down in the bridge climb museum to listen and learn more about the great work that NBCFA does to raise much needed funds for Breast Cancer research in their goal of reaching 0 deaths by 2030.

CEO Dr Sarah Hosking & with Natalie Barr spoke along with some touching stories of “Breast cancer thrivers”.

Dan Garland thought that the speakers were great and he has a new found sense of how Breast cancer can affect not only families but communities “ You don;t often realise the effort that goes into all of the research behind the scenes, this has been great for us to learn while we also feel that in some small way we truly helped”.